At the time of the establishment of the company (1969), the surface finishing sector did not even have an established occupational terminology, and many plating companies often used cold nickel plating in enamelled bath tubs from old houses.
Cadmium plating was done in this period when zinc plating did not start yet, and those who made this plating were wrongly called “CADMIUMER". Decorative platings were called "NIKELINGER". Taranto Company, the first manufacturer of plastic tanks, used small workshop equipment with polyester fiber plating on white PVC tarp, which was called pandezot and used in soldiers' ceremony leggings.
With books and magazines from Germany, Italy, Spain and the USA we started to work by trying to solve the terminology first and then the technology. Although the term Surface Finishing Technology is accepted nowadays, for example; instead of TANK and BATH, the BOAT that we offer is one of the words accepted by only a few companies. Today, however, the word "Bath" is used incorrectly for both the electrolyte and the container containing the electrolyte.
During the founding years, except 1200/3000 mm white sheet and PVC pipes produced by Tekplastik Company it was hard to supply plastic raw material, in addition we couldn't even supply an Ammeter for rectifier construction. The legislation did not allow on the grounds that the ammeter is produced by Mamak MKEK Gazmaske Factory. However, we needed the DC ammeter, but the AC ammeter was produced. We brought a plastic welding machine from American Laramy Company and it was held in Edirne Customs. Stainless bolts, even metric bolts were difficult to find and were sold at special prices. We were making our plastic valves by our own means, and we had to heat up and split large diameter PVC pipes and produce 1.3 / 3 m sizes of plates in furniture plating presses.

In the numerous difficulties mentioned above, the public sector has been the main driving force behind our development and in this scope, the expected services were realized by taking part in many investment projects such as Aselsan, Teletaş, Tülomsaş Locomotive, Simko, Military Factories, MKE Institution.
Our activity subject, which is completely investment goods plants, while initially focused on the public sector, with developing economic conditions it was first directed towards the Marmara-Aegean Region where the big industries settled and then to other regions of Anatolia.
At the same time with the development of domestic industry, the opportunity to concentrate on engineering and research and development has arised and it has been possible to produce plants with advanced technologies.
Today, we are able to select and import all the auxiliary materials used by our international competitors from all over the world and we are able to compete with their technology and prices.
Some of them; IngersollRand, working with 12 roof robots, Durden, which is plated on ABS with 7 roof robots, ZF-Sachs facilities plating 5 + 2 roof robots and shock absorber shafts can be counted in this group. These organizations are enterprises with sufficient competitiveness with their large capacities, international quality and cost opportunities. Following its establishment years, our company, renewed in the structure of the family business with the name EKSAŞ Industrial Metal Plating Units Ind.Trade.Co.Ltd., has been continuing to produce investment goods in Hot Galvanizing sector with international technology in recent years.

In parallel with the developments in electroplating, Hot Dip Galvanizing planting also goes from tank production towards turnkey plant export. In line with the growing demand in 2013, EstGal” Inc. was established and international quality was achieved also in the Hot Dip Galvanizing sector.