In electroplating plants, an intense acid vapor is generated due to the high chemical content of the bathrooms.
In order to extend the lifetime of the equipment used in the plant, we use aspirators (fans), designed with suitable capacities by our company and are completely made of polypropylene material.
Static and dynamic balances of these heavy service aspirators are achieved by directly connecting to SCHENCK Germany via internet and the result certificate is obtained. In addition, the collected gases are washed in gas washing units in order to prevent damage to the environment.
Our company manufactures both vertical and horizontal type gas washing systems in accordance with the process and installation place.
Gas Washer design is made by taking into consideration type and temperature of solution and surface area data of the bathroom.
Our Gas Washers are a fully program controlled unit. When the pH of the washing water drops to the prescribed limit during the washing of corrosive waste gases,
the washing water is automatically discharged by means of automation and fresh mains water is supplied depending on the level control.  

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